PFM Footfall Intelligence started in 1982, when FLUCON was founded. What began with measuring oil and water soon developed into a company measuring and counting passenger and visitor flows. Technology and innovation have always been in our DNA.

Throughout the years we have collaborated with several partners. By combining the right knowledge and technology we are able to serve our customers even better. This is our strength! We apply our technology to the wishes and requirements of our customers. In addition to data collection, we provide a daily data check, advise on data output and we provide support for the interpretation.

PFM: ‘we count and connect people’


It is our mission to deliver the most innovative, accessible, reliable and cost-effective footfall behavioral analytics systems.  


PFM offers quality and innovative counting systems for retail, communities, shopping malls and carriers. Besides high quality in (flexible) data collection, complex analysis and delivering accessible reports, constant innovation is of great importance in serving our customers. We provide the latest developments in data collection, such as real time data, augmented reality and targeted forecasting. This enables the customer to make the right decisions strategically and operationally.

“With PFM a walking crowd becomes a talking crowd”.


We ensure the best quality and high customer satisfaction with our service. We do this not only with the right products and technology, but also with our enthusiastic team! We work with specialists in their field of expertise. People with a lot of knowledge and experience that will enable us to provide the right solution for each request. Meet our team here.



AtSence Location Intelligence has over 15 years of experience in analysing ,identifying and translating data into insight for management within the public transport domain. The technical advancements and the innovative nature of Atsence have resulted in WiFi and Bluetooth tracking for the most advanced analysis in complex areas.


City Traffic has been the specialist in the field of footfall counting in the public arena for many years. They measure how busy it is in shopping areas 24 hours a day, but also measure, for instance, the impact of construction projects on passenger flows. City Traffic has developed a range of products that support policy makers and entrepreneurs in making the right decisions based on footfall data. How does a city, in terms of the number of visitors, compare to other cities, or how the crowds in a particular shopping area evolved over the years. For more information


Vendit is a software company that focuses on the automation of retail, wholesale, franchisers purchasing organisations. With its software VMSII®, Vendit has become one of the leading producers and suppliers of automation solutions, with over 9,000 users in more than thirty lines of business. The focus is not only to build and deliver good software that provides the most important functions and daily needs of the user, but also software that is stable and easy to use. Vendit is also a member of the Foundation Reliable Payment systems and carries the Certified Reliable cash register company. It guarantees a closed POS system. This technique prevents abuse and protects the retailer from unwanted changes to the data. For more information on


Softwear offers ready-made solutions for the fashion, sports, shoe and lingerie industry. With over 25 years of experience in the automation of shops and retail chains. From product imports to check-out shop link to link to an accounting package. For more information on