PFM values your privacy. The role of privacy in our services, what steps PFM has taken to ensure privacy and what we do to protect your personal information can be found on this page. 


We give everyone the opportunity to unsubscribe from their MAC address. After that, your MAC address will no longer be counted and included in the statistics we make for our customers. 

Why measure?

PFM offers her customers to measure with Wi-Fi in shopping areas or shopping malls. As a result, our customers can better understand the route consumers take and can further improve the service in their stores. But it is also possible to optimize the development and design of a measuring area or improve security at events.  

What personal information is being processed?

Wi-Fi is available on every Smartphone. Thanks to a MAC address, each Smartphone can identify itself on Wi-Fi networks. The Wi-Fi sensors measure the presence of the MAC address of your Wi-Fi device. PFM encrypts and anonymizes these MAC addressen immediately after measurement, ensuring a personal link to individuals is impossible.  

Can I review the privacy protocol?

We have created a privacy protocol. You can inspect or print at any time.

What data do our customers receive?

Our customers only receive access to aggregated and anonymous data. Information such as numbers, duration of stay and walking routes.  

I do not want to join (Opt-out), how do I do that?

You can choose to always turn off your Wi-Fi, but you can also unsubscribe, so we do not include your (encrypted) MAC address in our analysis. 

Where can I find this information?

Android: Settings, About Phone, Status, Wi-Fi Mac address iPhone: Settings, Info, Wi-Fi address