PFM Footfall Intelligence offers systems to count and track people movement in any indoor or outdoor situation. The information provided supports our customers in making key operational and strategic decisions. We can supply a total package to meet your every requirement, from a simple battery-powered infrared system to a combination of IP cameras and state-of-the-art laser technology.

Flexible Solutions

We are the only specialist offering a full range of counting devices, e.g. laser, radar, thermal, stereo/mono video and 3D infrared cameras and horizontal infrared beams. This enables us to provide the most suitable solution for each count area, taking into account variable operating environments. Alongside many exclusive proprietary components developed in-house, we use the very best OEM products and we continually review the market to ensure we stay at the forefront of the counting industry.

Wireless Solutions

We offer wireless solutions for use in individual outlets or entire Shopping Centres. They are ideal in situations in which it would be difficult or impossible to install a wired system, such as in an historic building or a top-end modern design environment. The radio modules have an extensive transmission range.