PFM FOOTFALL INTELLIGENCE is a technology consultancy partner specialising in footfall counting and related data science. Working directly with clients across a range of sectors we offer a highly experienced team to design, procure and manage the implementation of ICT, Audio Visual and Intelligent Building technology. Our team boasts an enviable track record of dealing with blue chip clients across all sectors. Projects typically range from high-level technical development, detailed design and on-going project management through to project sign off.

PFM has a truly unique offer: Internationally renowned for its high level of professionalism and expertise. We work on a collaborative basis and remain committed to working in partnership with our clients in assisting them to achieve their objectives. We address any of our client needs or concerns as a fundamental part of our consultancy work, whilst always working within a defined framework to ensure realistic goals and ultimately a positive outcome.



Our software enables you to produce a full report in seconds. The modular package can be configured on a client by client basis and can be expanded at any time. From simple footfall statistics to a detailed overview with routing, visit duration, hotspots and queue management, the choice is yours. A clear user interface helps you to gain full information about every aspect of your operation. The web-based system is fully secure (log-in by authorised users only) and is fully configurable. PFM Advantage is the very best footfall analysis software available today.

We have recently added four new Key Performance Indicators to offer additional information which, until recently, could only have been gathered through observation and consumer surveys: Visit Duration, Visit Frequency, Unique Visitors and New Visitors. Our systems also allow you to monitor trends and location-specific aspects, such as the weather and local events which attract large numbers of people to the area. 




All systems within the PFM Group are subject to extensive compatibility demands, consistency and reliability. Not only for our own hardware, but also for hardware we buy.

We have many different techniques in our portfolio. Based on the characteristics of your store, we offer counting systems with the best value for money. Primarily, we count people and we enrich this data with for example data from mobile phones.

The combination of the above techniques is always possible. In particular, the combination of camera measurements and Wi-Fi tracking is increasingly being installed as a standard measurement system. In addition to very reliable numbers (and thus conversions) there is insight in repeat visit, dwell time and passers-by.

See below a model of a store and the counting solutions we offer: