PFM has a broad experience in footfall counting in various commercial areas. In recent years, we have specialized in 4 focus areas; streets, shopping centres, shops and stations. Each of these markets requires their own approach and customer specific solution. After visiting your location, we can set up a plan of action applied to your specific location and wishes. No standard ready-to-use packages, but tailor-made solutions.



PFM can count the number of visitors in inner cities and large shopping areas 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. By constantly monitoring the pedestrian flows and retail traffic, we provide a clear picture of occupancy, but most of all, it can help improve the performance of your stores by increasing conversion rates.

We use different indexes to provide insight in actual visitor numbers in specific areas each week. By comparing these indexes to the number of visitors nationwide, you are able to see the performance of your shopping areas in a clear overview. 


PFM measures visitors in shops and malls 24 hours a day. Based on this data, you can determine the efficiency of your retail property. We provide the foundation for data-driven operational and strategic decisions such as: investments, operations and marketing effort which enables you to change direction on time.

Out of the top 20 leading Shopping centres in the UK (by GLA), PFM counts in 11 of these Shopping Centres. Globally, we now have nearly 200 Shopping Centres equipped. Recently we added the centres Westfield London and McArthurGlen Salzburg to our portfolio.

PFM analysts are subsequently committed to making data transparent, understandable and immediately applicable. Retailers, Retail Property owners and municipalities receive monthly impressions from the crowds in their store and / or environment.

Get insight in:

- Real-time data from footfall to stores and malls

- Capture Rate

- Data from clear (monthly) reports


Retail is on the move. Together with our partners, we measure footfall data on the streets and on the internet to get insight in actual customer potential and shopping behaviour. We offer different ways to report and analyse your data.

For each (store) entry we have the right technique to install 'almost invisible' measuring instruments. Besides people counting systems, we offer more turnkey solutions such as infrared sensors, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

Companies like Lush and Vision Express already have the knowledge and expertise in-house to make smarter choices based on visitors analysis.

Get insights in:

- Number of visitors

- Number of unique visitors

- Number of visitors vs. passers (Capture Rate)

- Conversion

- Duration

- Average transaction value

- Number of items sold per customer

Capture Rate:

We do not just count the visitors in your store, we can measure the number of passers who walk through the street or mall. Because of this "Capture Rate”, you will get a realistic image on the relation between passers and actual visitors of your store.


Optimising passant and passenger flows around the stations and airports is, internationally, a very important topic. The PFM passenger counts are the solution. Thanks to our high level of accuracy and advanced counting capacity, we are able to even identify the most complex passenger and visitor flow of pedestrian traffic. PFM is working continuously to measure movements, identify patterns, and predict trends. Our vision for the public transport sector is characterised by the combination of Business Intelligence and Visitor Data.

The monitors should be strategically placed in hotspots located to collect real-time data. Thanks to the clever combination of sensors and metering systems, combined in WiFi and Bluetooth data, PFM provides the most sophisticated analysis of various data sources.

The monitoring system reduces travel time, costs, improves security and ensures that the environment is less burdened by minimising waiting times.

The London Tube, with its 275 stations, is among the most advanced metropolis in Europe. They have installed PFM detectors over the past few years to collect visitors analysis to improve service and safety. Recently, the 2000th detector was installed, so that no passenger is un-counted leaving the station.