Retail is on the move. Together with our partners, we measure footfall data on the streets and on the internet to get insight in actual customer potential and shopping behaviour. We offer different ways to report and analyse your data.

For each (store) entry we have the right technique to install 'almost invisible' measuring instruments. Besides people counting systems, we offer more turnkey solutions such as infrared sensors, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

Companies like Lush and Vision Express already have the knowledge and expertise in-house to make smarter choices based on visitors analysis.

Get insights in:

- Number of visitors

- Number of unique visitors

- Number of visitors vs. passers (Capture Rate)

- Conversion

- Duration

- Average transaction value

- Number of items sold per customer

Capture Rate:

We do not just count the visitors in your store, we can measure the number of passers who walk through the street or mall. Because of this "Capture Rate”, you will get a realistic image on the relation between passers and actual visitors of your store.