Collecting and analysing data is our core business. With our products we do not only deliver consistent accurate data. We combine, interpret and analyse data for our customers to improve their strategic and operational decisionmaking. 

Through weekly reports, you'll see in one clear overview what is happening at your location. We specialise in measuring and analysing footfall in shopping streets, shopping centres, stores and stations. Each of these markets requires their own approach and specific solution. 

PFM Counting Technology: Count and predict footfall in the public domain. 

PFM Retailscan: A quick overview in turnover, conversion rates and average bill size. 

PFM Index: Get insights in the performance of your portfolio based on footfall data.

PFM Forecast: Accurate predictions on what to expect.   



PFM can identify the most complex passenger flows, crowds patterns, routing and logistic bottlenecks quickly. This is valuable data can be used to improve services and timetables.

"A small change in a schedule can make a huge difference for customer experience and logistics"

General services, like staffing, can therefore be better suited to these crowds patterns. This will not only improve service but also safety.

“The factor CEH (Crowd Employee Hour) is a basic factor to adjust staffing”

PFM visitor data ensures that organisations can prepare for emergencies better and are able to minimise the consequences.

“Not only do we know just how crowded stations are, we are also able to predict the flow better by using historical footfall data”


The PFM Retail Scan was developed especially for retailers. It provides retailers with multiple doors a good insight in sales, conversion and average spending.

By using data from different sources, we provide a clear overview on the performance of each store, a complete picture is given of each branch's performance, relations between doors and performance over the same period in previous years. In addition, we provide an overview of regions, industry and category.

Data output from footfall counting systems, average spending and average revenue per visitor are included in the overall overview.


Footfall is one of the most important KPI’s for most retailers and shopping centre owners. With the PFM INDEX we are able to benchmark our footfall numbers not only with our competitors, but also within our portfolio. In order to get real insights on the performance of a specific location, it is key to understand the context of a shopping centre.  

We found a great way to combine footfall numbers with local insights from the centre management teams. Together with the PFM Index and City Traffic Index we are now able to benchmark our data and deliver actionable insights that help us understand shopper behaviour in your shopping centre and for your portfolio.


With an average accuracy of 85% the PFM Forecast can predict the number of visitors you can expect on a daily basis. We take numerous variables into account, such as historical data, day of the week, the month, the season, the weather, macro-economical data and holidays.

We are offering a full range of counting devices, e.g. laser, radar, thermal, stereo/mono video and 3D infrared cameras and horizontal infrared beams. This enables us to provide the most suitable solution for each count area.

However, figures alone are not enough. Data display in the right context is key, only then is it possible to convert data into insights that help control your business. Please contact Vicky Funnel via, for more information.