Annual overview of footfall in the Netherlands

Busiest month of Footfall in the Netherlands in 2022
Total overview of Footfall in the Netherlands in 2022
Busiest week of Footfall in the Netherlands in 2022
Busiest hour of Footfall in the Netherlands in 2022
Total number of Footfall in the Netherlands in 2022
Busiest day of Footfall in the Netherlands in 2022

2022 saw a welcome increase in footfall in the Netherlands, with the exception of January and February due to continued COVID-19 restrictions. People could again enjoy shopping at shops and spending time at shopping centres across the Netherlands, which was reflected in the footfall data we collected with our systems. The PFM footfall counts were spread across a large proportion of shops and shopping centres in the Netherlands, counting a total of 496 million customers in 2022.

The last lockdown restrictions fell away in early March 2022, after which we saw increasing footfall numbers. The month of December emerged as the busiest month of the year, with more than 49 million people detected by our systems. Footfall in October was also high with the introduction of new fashion lines for the Winter season at retail stores. In the Netherlands, the last COVID-19-related restrictions were removed by May, and this included air travel. We believe the subsequent increase in tourist activity combined with the very good weather we experienced last summer delivered exceptional footfall in the month of July.

The busiest weeks are generally towards the end of the month and aligned with employees' monthly salary payments. It is not surprising that week 51, in which we counted a whopping 11.44 million visitors, is the busiest week of the year and also falls in December. We also see from the footfall numbers that Black Friday (week) has been fully embraced by shoppers in the Netherlands, delivering 11.34 million shopper visits. Black Friday (week) provides as many as three days of footfall in the top 10 busiest days of 2022.

The day before Christmas was the busiest day of the year, with footfall of 2.37 million. Interestingly, Black Friday seems to have been knocked off the top spot for footfall in the corresponding week with both Wednesday and Saturday (2.36 million). This clearly shows that the impact of Black Friday is spreading and increasing in importance to retailers and shopping centre owners.

The saying, "lull before the storm", is a good description of the hourly counts on 24 December 2022. Between 07:00 - 08:00, we recorded footfall of 11 thousand and between 14:00 and 15:00 footfall of 340,000, making it the busiest hour of the year. November and December took centre stage when looking at peak times of 2022, with 87.5% of the busiest hours recorded.

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