Annual overview of footfall in the UK

Busiest Month of Footfall in the UK in 2022
Total overview of Footfall in the UK in 2022
Busiest Week of Footfall in the UK in 2022
Busiest Hour of Footfall in the UK in 2022
Total number of Footfall in the UK in 2022
Busiest Day of Footfall in the UK in 2022

As we welcome the start of an exciting new year at PFM, we want to take a moment to look back at last year's footfall numbers with you and share with you the highlights of 2022's footfall data. Our recap offers an in-depth look at the busiest hours, days, weeks and months, as well as the total footfall counted by PFM solutions in the UK in 2022.

2022 saw a welcome gradual increase in footfall numbers returning to high streets up and down the country. January and February lagged due to the ending of Covid restrictions and perhaps a cautiousness on behalf of the general public to venture out again. After March, though, we see a steady increase throughout the year, culminating with December contributing just shy of 10% of the entire year's footfall. With footfall generally still below the figures recorded by PFM in 2019, we see some way to go before we are fully back on track in the UK. It will be interesting to see if, in 2023, we continue to see improvement!

Also noticeable when reviewing the figures for last year is the early impact of Christmas, the busiest hour, 10th Dec, the busiest day, 3rd Dec and the busiest week, 5th Dec, possibly fuelled by the increasing impact and length of the Black Friday promotions.

We are also excited to provide you with your own personal data recap, which is now available in your PFM Advantage reporting dashboard. This personalised report offers the same detailed analysis as above so that you can compare your performance against the national averages we have calculated.

We value your feedback and would like to encourage you to review your personalised report and share your insights and thoughts with us. We hope this report will prove valuable to you and help you validate some of the decisions you made last year.

Thank you for entrusting PFM as your footfall data partner, and we look forward to continuing to work with you in the coming year.