PFM and Sodaclick Partner for Next-Gen Drive-Thru Experiences

Embracing AI: PFM and Sodaclick Partner for Next-Gen Drive-Thru Experiences

This ground-breaking partnership promises to revolutionise the Quick Service Restaurant industry by providing unparalleled operational efficiency, superior customer engagement, and enriched ordering experiences.

In a landmark move that will redefine the European fast food industry, PFM Global Holding B.V. is pleased to announce a new partnership with Sodaclick Ltd. to introduce an AI-powered automated ordering system to its customers.

This pioneering innovation represents a triumph in the realm of AI-based services - a feature that many have aspired to, but few have achieved. In line with PFM's ethos of innovation, this partnership paves the way for achieving a level of operational efficiency, superior customer engagement and an enriched ordering experience that will provide a crucial edge in a highly competitive segment. . This technological advancement represents a new era in the quick service restaurant industry.

About the Partnership

The journey towards this partnership began at PROVADA 2023 in our PFM Experience Centre, where the intelligence of Sodaclick's AI-powered automated ordering system left a powerful impression.

Developed to exploit cross-sell and up-sell potential, the AI-driven technology increases the speed of service while maintaining accuracy, across 86 languages with 4 being used simultaneously. The system also supports the delivery of a consistent brand personality across all customer interactions, reduces staffing costs, and provides vital nutritional and allergy information on all products. This state-of-the-art system also provides unparalleled insights into every facet of the order process, from product selection to service speed and beyond.

This innovative technology for fast food chains will soon be available across PFM's international network, unlocking the potential of the global fast food landscape.


On his enthusiasm for the partnership and the innovative technology, Bart Schmitz, CEO of PFM Group commented, “We’re on a mission to improve our clients’ locations, unlocking untapped potential. Sodaclick and PFM's collaborative Advanced Order Taking (AOT) technology is set to enhance order speed, accuracy, and cost-efficiency within the QSR industry. Notably, our drive-thru solution now enables orders in 86 languages - 4 simultaneously—an epic advancement!"

Sodaclick’s voice AI capabilities paired with PFM’s deep drive-thru experience is a game changer," said Ibrahim Jan, CEO of Sodaclick. "We could not be more excited to combine our cutting edge technology with such an innovative and like minded partner and we look forward to creating the next generation of the drive-thru together. The upcoming opportunities are very exciting and it’s great to be joining hands with PFM and setting a new standard for the industry!” Ibrahim Jan, CEO and Founder Sodaclick

Impact and benefits

This partnership agreement enables PFM to offer an automated ordering system predicted to deliver an average order entry time of less than 50 seconds, taking operational speed to unprecedented levels. Initial analysis also indicates a substantial increase in average upsell and a significant improvement in order accuracy.

The synergy between Sodaclick's AI technology and PFM's data-driven approach is set to usher in a new norm in fast food operations, with a strong focus on efficiency and accuracy. By leveraging data insights, we're not just innovating; we're setting calculable benchmarks for the industry, in line with our ethos of 'Unlocking your location's full potential'.

About PFM Intelligence Group

The PFM Intelligence Group combines infrastructure, data collection systems, data reporting and analysis to help clients better understand their customers and gain the confidence to make important business decisions, based on data.

By offering organisations solutions across the full data lifecycle, PFM empowers organisations to harness the full potential of their commercial locations by helping them generate consumer insights to revolutionise decision-making. PFM provides it services to a diverse range of customers, including leading retail giants, railway hubs, local councils, property owners and major fast food chains.

About Sodaclick

Sodaclick is a leading global content and AI experience innovator that is driving the future of retail, hospitality and beyond.

With Sodaclick’s content and conversational voice AI solutions, businesses can unify brand image, increase sales through upsell opportunities, and personalise data driven interactions with their customers. Sodaclick enables QSR brands to address labour shortages, improve speed of service, and overcome language barriers by reshaping the in-store and drive-thru experience.

Additionally, Sodaclick provides dynamic HTML5 content through its creative platform with seamless digital signage CMS support and thousands of customisable agency grade graphics for maximum engagement.

Effortlessly aligning with the wider ecosystem of hardware / software partners, and system integrators, Sodaclick offers a flexible avenue to introduce its digital products across various sectors, including QSRs, retail, hospitality, education and public spaces.

Sodaclick is committed to influencing the future of technology, by creating new ways to engage with the world and harnessing the potential of its solutions, empowering brands to thrive in an age defined by dynamic digital experiences.

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