Celebrating 4 decades of innovation and success

Celebrating 4 decades of innovation and success

In the first week of October, a large part of our Dutch and UK teams embarked on an unforgettable journey to the enchanting city of Budapest, Hungary, to celebrate a monumental milestone - PFM's 40th anniversary!

During our three-day celebration, we sailed down a river of cherished memories and milestones, reflecting on the innovative journey that has unfolded over four glorious decades.

But we didn't just look back; we also looked forward. PFM and its robust subsidiaries have aligned our visions and aspirations, set our compasses in a common direction and forged a path lit by collective focus, synergy and shared success. The fruits of this cohesive alignment will be unveiled in due course.

To everyone who has been part of our journey, from Flucon to PFM, your contributions, spirit and perseverance have been the building blocks of our 40-year saga.

Here's to many more decades of success, innovation and shared triumph!