Get insights in the performance of your portfolio
based of footfall data

For many Retailers and Shopping Centre owners, Footfall is one of the most important KPI. To get a grip on this KPI we wanted to be able to benchmark our footfall numbers with our competitors but also within our portfolio. Also numbers alone are not enough. You need to understand the context of a Shopping Centre to get real insights on the performance of that specific location. PFM found a great way to combine footfall numbers with local insights from the centre management teams. Together with the PFM footfall index and inner city index we are now able to benchmark our data and deliver actionable insights that help us understand shopper behaviour in your Shopping Centre and for your portfolio.

 PFM as leading footfall company in the UK s created a footfall benchmark for shopping centers (based on more than 50 centers) . Also we have an inner city benchmark based on more than 100 inner cities in the Netherlands. This is valuable information for shopping center owners like Wereldhave. Together with macro-economic data like turnover and consumer trust and weather information we are able to put the performance of footfall numbers of a shopping center in the right context. But most important and unique is the co-operation with the client like Wereldhave. Numbers alone are not enough. We need to know the right context to analyze and give meaning to our footfall numbers. Information of events held in the shopping center or in the near surrounding of that shopping center, new anchors and roadworks are examples of important information that we get from the local center management teams of Wereldhave and they all have a great effect on the footfall numbers.

The data used to be fragmented within the organization. Due to the monthly and quarterly reports from PFM we now have a great management tool for our center management team. The reports from PFM are fully integrated into our monthly financial reports. More important we are now able to set clear targets for our center managers and we can intervene immediately when problems seems to occur.



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