PFM passenger counts are the solution to fathom passenger flows in stations, airports and roads. It is a representation of the routes that passengers take. Optimising passant and passenger flows around the stations and airports is, internationally, a very current topic. PFM is able, thanks to its high level of accuracy and advanced counting capacity, even identify the most complex passenger and visitor flow of pedestrian traffic.

PFM is working continuously to measure movements, identify patterns, and predict trends. Our vision for the public transport sector is characterised by the combination of Business Intelligence and Visitor Data. Airports, railway stations, but also public infrastructure operate efficiently and are therefore better able to manage large numbers of visitors.

The ultimate goal is to ensure that these areas are more accessible. The monitoring system reduces travel time, costs, improves security and ensures that the environment is less burdened by minimising waiting times. The monitors should be strategically placed in hotspots located to collect real-time data. Thanks to the clever combination of sensors and metering systems, combined in WiFi and Bluetooth data, PFM provide the most sophisticated analysis of various data sources.

The London Tube, with its 275 stations, is among the most advanced metropolis in Europe. They have installed PFM detectors over the past few years to collect visitors analysis to improve service and safety. Recently, the 2000th decector was installed, so that no passenger is un-counted leaving the station.


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