As a data analyst I am responsible for the data that is retrieved from shops and to translate this data into relevant reports for our clients. It is really important to understand which insights the our clients need. Of course this is different for every clients, which is exactly what makes my job challenging and fun. In addition to analysing and reporting data, I support our clients in making certain strategic choices.

Cindy: our data

analyst NL

A data analysis is the thorough and careful viewing and interpretation of data. At PFM we are initially talking about data from people counting systems. We place these counting systems in shops and shopping centres, among other things, and measure people flows. At PFM you are not a standard data analyst. For example, I work closely with our IT department to investigate how we can work better and smarter with our reports. By being part of this development team it makes you feel more appreciated.

“At PFM I feel part of a team in which we help each other”

Passion & Inspiration

Knowing I can contribute to the success of our clients businesses is one of the many great things about my job. Besides being in direct contact with both our clients and my colleagues is really an addition to my work. I know I am part of a team in which I can count on my colleagues whenever I need any help. 

"Supporting our clients, that’s our main focus"

THe best thing

I have been working at PFM for over 4.5 years. In recent years, PFM has grown into an international company with a lot of ambition. Every day is different and this provides a lot of variety and challenge.

Any last words

"Looking back at the last 4.5 years really puts a smile on my face, I look forward to more years to come!"