My story at PFM started with me being an intern on our ‘data island’ under the supervision of Wendy Hulshof (who I met during my internship at another company). Wendy had changed companies and asked me to do my internship at PFM, because she knew it would give me a great learning experience.

By the time my internship at PFM was done, I was asked to join the company. Fun fact, the company where I met Wendy is now one of our biggest clients.

Joost: Our Data Guru

According to Google a data analyst is someone who translates numbers into plain English. Or Dutch, in my case. It is my job to ‘translate’ a whole lot of data into words that people can understand. I guess I have always been able to ‘read’ numbers. I like looking for patterns, being able to interpret data so our customers see the value of it. I don’t see my job as just delivering big data, I believe I am part of a team that brings value to the table. Based on what we provide, our clients are able to make decisions based on data. How cool is that! What I do helps other people, which is one of the best things I believe you can do for your clients. 

“To me big data holds the answer to so many questions”

Passion & Inspiration

What I love most about my job is that I get to help people understand the value of data, both internal and external. Besides PFM is an international company, that means I am able to develop myself on an international level.

One day I am working on predictions for a client in the Netherlands and the next day I am in front of a large group of people in the UK explaining what PFM can do for their complete portfolio.

Besides ‘reading data’ I am also all about listening… to music that is! I love music so when the weekends starts, I am all about my music. I love to perform as a DJ in several clubs. Data by day, music by night!!

“Data by daY, music by night”

THe best thing

I get to work in a great team with ambitious people, both in the Netherlands and in the UK. Our data island has developed into a business consultancy team, which we achieved by being successful as a team.

Any last words

Technologies changes, data will become more and more important. I look forward to the exciting future of BIG DATA!