I can honestly say I have best job at PFM! Why? I get the chance to work with our clients, listen to their business challenges and help them find the best possible technical solution to deliver measurable improvements. And then I see it all come to life during the implementation phase, when I can also feedback new insights to our product development team. This validates where we invest for the future. It’s the ultimate closed loop system.

Ian: our UK Sales Director

As Sales Director, I am responsible for ensuring the success of our clients and the sales team, which includes all our partners. My remit also spans international growth plans, managing team motivation, plus product placement and market launches. It’s an exciting role where I work closely with clients and colleagues in the UK and Dutch offices.

I have spent the past 20 years working in measurement – in the footfall industry and also with the UK’s National Measurement Institute at the National Physics Laboratory (NPL). This has given me valuable experience and the knowledge to help clients find technical solutions that not only reduce costs and improve efficiencies, but support wider organisational goals, to maximise the potential of their technology investment globally. 

“Working with a passionate group of people on an international level just makes my job more fun”

Passion & Inspiration

What I love most about my job is the people. At PFM, we have a close-knit team who understand the importance of working together to meet (or even exceed) our clients’ expectations. I value our conversations with international clients, who often challenge us to deliver new insights. Pushing us to deliver drives us to continually improve our value proposition.

A lot of our clients are in London, where I live, so I am often working in and around the Kings Cross development, which also happens to be one of our clients. It is exciting and highly motivating to see what we have achieved already and to anticipate what we are about to achieve.

“Our team values the importance of open and honest discussions with customers, which builds great working relationships and fantastic service”. 

THe best thing

Since I joined in 2017 a lot has happened. We’ve signed some amazing new clients, won portfolio rollout deals and welcomed really talented people to our expanding team. We’re also collaborating more closely between our offices, which will ensure we continue to grow and become even more successful.

Any last words

“Be open to learning and try to challenge yourself in small ways every day. It will make you better at what you do and opens the door to new opportunities in the future!”