Face Mask Detection and View Direction


The last few months have been challenging. Businesses have been struggling to find a way to (re)open their doors while at the same time following the rules on social distancing. It has also been a time where technological applications and initiatives have been multiplying in an attempt to control the situation.

At PFM we have provided our clients with the right tools to actively manage the occupancy levels at their locations. As gold partner of Xovis we are happy to learn about new AI features for the 3D sensors: Face Mask Detection and View Direction.

Since Covid-19 face masks have been mandatory in many public spaces. Xovis has responded by developing a new AI feature for their 3D sensors to recognise if face masks are being worn. This will allow customers to stay on top of public health regulations. The innovative and GDPR compliant technology becomes the only kind to detect face masks directly on 3D sensors. 

View Direction takes the exact coordinates of people and enriches this position data with information about the orientation of the head of a person. An individual’s field of view becomes valuable input for in-store analytics. Are your shelves getting the attention you expect? Or do you need to reposition certain products?  

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