ZOOM Nitrotm: gaming for your drive


To stay ahead of competition, you need more than a timer system! With Nitro gamification you can engage your team and beat the competition! Game-based engagement works! Companies that use gamification have seen a 48% increase in employee engagement with 90% of employees being more productive. ZOOM Nitro Gamification is specially designed using game psychology to make the day- to-day restaurant routine fun. Improve the employee performance, you will improve the store performance.

Nitro gamification – engage crewmembers
Earn prizes and awards for beating the competition and for meeting store-specific goals. Gamification makes everyday tasks more fun.

Nitro power – empower store managers
Real-time data enable you to boost speed of service and increase car counts like never before. The latest in drive- thru timer technology, the Nitro timer, provides real-time data for strong, measurable results.

Nitro data – enable operators
An in-depth view of your entire enterprise is available at your fingertips. Real-time metrics for all stores, historical performance reports and multi-store comparisons. No matter where, near or far, with Nitro Data your entire enterprise is only a few clicks away.

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Your store brought to life!

Don’t let their friendly appearance fool you...

There is no stopping these little monsters’ drive to win. 


Create your own multi-store matchups, scheduled in advance or on the spot. Simply select the restaurants you want to include, the competing metric and the length of the contest.


You can earn awards by winning a contest and by meeting store-specific goals. Strive for pre-selected awards or create your own. Collect them all in your Leaderboard trophy.


The combined power of live drive-thru data and Nitro intelligence results in automated notifications that coach throughout the day. Real-time feedback gives crews the information they need, when needed.


Smack talk
Boast high performance, taunt the competition or congratulate others. Smack talk creates additional excitement and makes the drive-thru experience more engaging for all.