Are Drive Throughs the best retail compromise?

How the world has changed. With the onset of the Covid-19 situation, suddenly a trip to the local shop is something that requires almost military planning, even blood tests are being carried out in a drive through situation.

The simple physics, safety via reduced contact, efficient logistics and convenience to the Drive Through vending interaction, mean it is increasingly being seen as a potential compromise to the bricks and mortar vendor or organisation.


Existing businesses where this was a no brainer before Covid (Coffee houses, Fast-food restaurants etc) are massively ramping up their existing investment in the Drive Through model. We wonder how long it will take before less standard offerings are distributed through a car window?

Argos via drive through anyone? We would pay extra to not have to take a number and use the stupid little pen… Or how about drive through Pharmacy, already prevalent in the USA and an ideal way to reduce rates of infection, surely now is the time to revisit this solution first tried 11 years ago!


The Drive Through business model does present its own specific challenges to the new adopter and existing user alike. Speed of process is critical, especially in a process where cooking and preparation are involved. After all poor process and management means wastage, high costs and unhappy customers. Process efficiency is achieved by careful planning, sensible access layout, precision management/reporting tools and effective communications equipment.

PFM are the main distributor, supplier and systems installation and support specialist for HME Systems, the world leader in communication equipment needed to implement an effective Drive Through Solution. We are excited to offer full inclusive and proactive remote and onsite support models to ensure System outage and revenue loss is prevented.

We can discuss, design and deliver systems and solutions that match your business model and scale requirements. We provide the Project Management, Documentation and ongoing Support which ensure your Drive Through is well implemented and well run, making return on investment cycles short and our investment models make that ROI and Budget predictable.

Are you interested in getting ahead and provide your clients safe and unimpeded access to your physical products, get in touch with us. We are happy to help!