Make sure you have an active door policy in place

Door policy

The pandemic has been a challenge for all of us, but for the management of all places where people gather, and specifically in retail, visibility of accurate occupancy has never been more important. Therefore, PFM has taken the experience in footfall and developed a retailer focused occupancy solution. This solution provides, out of the box, real-time occupancy, which can help retailers with an active door policy. 

A simple and visible guide for staff and customers on the number of people in the store right now. This stand-alone yet modular system is incredibly easy to install. User defined parameters which are amendable at any point, define whether it is safe to enter the store or not.

Screen at the entrance

A screen at the entrance provides simple clarity in real-time, via an intuitive traffic light system. The screen shows how many people are inside and whether a new customer is safe to enter the store. In other words, you do not need an extra employee at the entrance to actively manage customers coming in. Employees receive notifications via email, SMS, and WhatsApp about the current occupancy situation.  

Additional features such as mask detection, gender identification and distance measurements are available for your store. More information can be found here

These times are financially challenging for everyone. As with any modular technology, it is simple to spread the investment over a period of time via a flexible finance procurement model, maximising the efficiency of cashflow. Make sure you have an active door policy in place and get in touch with us today!