The PFM Intelligence Group is an organisation with several disciplines and a wide variety of clients. It all started over 30 years ago with monitoring fluids for offshore Industries. This soon developed into measuring and counting footfall and visitor flows. As technology and innovation have been in our DNA since the beginning, we have always been keen on finding innovative solutions to our clients’ needs. These solutions led to new business through client collaboration and our continued focus on advances in technology as well as its practical application. This created the basis for the PFM Intelligence Group we are today.

We have a clear focus on creating productive partnerships with our clients to enable them to optimise their business processes. By delivering “Intelligence” to their business, we create added value and enable our clients to more effectively manage their performance.

We have restructured the PFM Intelligence Group and included the following core competences;

PFM Footfall Intelligence: People counting and related data science
PFM Communication Intelligence: Professional drive-thru systems and communication solutions
PFM Repair Intelligence: Repair centre for drive-thru communication equipment

PFM footfall is a technology consultancy partner specialising in footfall counting and related data science. PFM has a broad experience in footfall counting in various commercial areas. In recent years, we have specialized in 4 focus areas; shops, shopping centres, streets and stations. Each of these markets requires their own approach and customer specific solution. Learn more about PFM footfall counting solutions here.

Bart is the CEO and owner of the PFM intelligence Group and is changing this drastically by showing all PFM's Innovations! Bart steps into his 'ambition on wheels' as the 'suitedtruckdriver' and is going to surprise friend and foe with everything the data world has to offer.

Communication is key in every successful business. At PFM communication we install and deliver all communication related products and solutions. We have specialized in 4 focus areas: fastfood (drive-thru), industry, healthcare and retail. Learn more about PFM communication products and solutions here.

PFM Repair Intelligence is an authorized Repair Center for HME communication products throughout Europe. Our highly trained technicians handle your repairs with care. We specialize in the repair of headsets, chargers, message centers etc. Learn more about our repair center here. 

Technical flexibility

Improving Customer Journey

Logistic optimization

Improving customer satisfaction

safety & security

Commercial opportunities into conversion

Delivering insights that improve your performance

'At PFM Intelligence Group it is our primary task to maintain the level of quality in service and customer satisfaction wherever we deliver and install our solutions.'



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