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We work for our clients in order to help maximise their business on every level. From excellent communication and customer service to data driven decision making. We thrive in offering custom made solutions and being part of the development process. We do not just install our solutions, we become reliable partners to our clients. 

PFM footfall is a technology consultancy partner specialising in footfall counting and related data science. PFM has a broad experience in footfall counting in various commercial areas. In recent years, we have specialized in 4 focus areas; shops, shopping centres, streets and stations. Each of these markets requires their own approach and customer specific solution. Learn more about PFM footfall counting solutions here.

Communication is key in every successful business. At PFM communication we install and deliver all communication related products and solutions. We have specialized in 4 focus areas: fastfood (drive-thru), industry, healthcare and retail. Learn more about PFM communication products and solutions here.

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'At PFM Intelligence Group it is our primary task to maintain the level of quality in service and customer satisfaction wherever we deliver and install our solutions.'



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